Fresenius Medical Center Patient Care Technician - PCT in Nashville, Tennessee


Functions as part of the hemodialysis health care team in providing safe and effective dialysis therapy for patients under the direct supervision of a licensednurse in accordance with FMCNA policies, procedures, and training and in compliance with regulations set forth by the corporation, state, and federal agencies. Responsible for the setup and operation of hemodialysis machines. Assist in the maintenance of a safe and clean working environment. Supports the FMCNA commitment to the Quality Enhancement Program (QEP) and CQI Activities, including those related to patient satisfaction and actively participates in process improvement activities that enhance the likelihood that patients will achieve the FMC Quality Enhancement Goals (QEP).


Patient Education:

  • Assist other health care members in providing patientspecific detailed educationregarding adequacy measures where appropriate - Online Clearance Monitoring(OLC), Adequacy Monitoring Program (AMP), Urea Kinetic Modeling(UKM), and regarding diseaseprocess/access.

Patient Treatment:

  • Welcome assignedpatients and inquireas to their wellbeing since their last treatment.

  • Evaluate vascularaccess for patency.

  • Obtain necessary pre and post treatment vital signs and weight.

  • Perform vascular accessevaluation pre-treatment.

  • Perform vascular access cannulation.

  • Perform administration of Heparin as delegated or as allowedby state law.

  • Initiate dialysistreatment according to prescribed ordersincluding blood flow (QB) and dialysate flow (QD).

  • Evaluate intradialytic problems and provideintervention as prescribed by physicianorder or as directed.

  • Monitor patients’ response to dialysistherapy.

  • Obtain vital signsprior to reinfusion; performall relevant functions necessary for the discontinuation of treatment - document.

  • Discontinue dialysistreatment according to established procedures.

  • Evaluate patientprior to termination of venous access - standing & sitting blood pressure.

  • Obtain Hemostasis and apply appropriate dressings.

  • Evaluate the patient prior to discharge.

  • Perform and recordPre and Post dialysisevaluation, weight and vital signs with initial identification.

  • Responsible for calculating and entry of individual patients’dialysis machineprogramming for Ultrafiltration (UF) goal; treatment time; Sodium (Na) modeling; and UF modeling as prescribed.

  • Responsible for ensuringappropriate safety alarmsare enabled, includingNarrow Venous Limits, (NVL) 160.

  • Record accurate and timely information regarding vital signs and treatmentparameters onto the Hemodialysis Treatment Sheet with initial identification.

  • Responsible for accuratedocumentation of information related to patient treatmentincluding completion of Hemodialysis Treatment Sheet and, if applicable, progress notes.

  • Report any significant information and/or changein patient conditiondirectly to the PCT III (if applicable) or nurse supervisor.

  • Observe patient, and conduct machinesafety checks accordingto facility policy.Report any change or unusual findings to the PCT III (if applicable) or nurse supervisor.

  • Perform and documentany intervention for unusualpatient statusand document patients'response to intervention.

  • Evaluate patients’ vascularaccess during treatmentincluding arterial and venous monitoring pressures,provide appropriate intervention as needed,document and report any unusualfindings to the PCT III (if applicable) or nurse supervisor.

  • Obtain all prescribed laboratory testing and preparespecimens for collection. Maintenance/Technical:

  • Maintain environmental integrityand aesthetics - ensure all areas are safe and clean.

  • Clean and disinfect dialysis machinesurface, chair, equipment, and surrounding area between treatmentsaccording to facility policy.

  • Conduct all tasks necessary for preparation for dialysis treatment and documentwhere appropriate.

  • Perform all requiredpretreatment dialysismachine alarm testing including PressureHolding (PHT).

  • Initiate Solution DeliverySystem (SDS) system.

  • Ensure that all blood spills are immediately cleanedwith appropriate disinfectant according to facilitypolicy.

  • Prepare, organize,and efficiently utilize suppliesand equipment to prevent wastage. Record Keeping:

  • Complete and document ongoing participation in Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) activities.

  • Enters all treatment data into the designated clinical application in an accurate and timely manner.

  • Review treatment sheets for completeness, ensure nursing signatures are documented, and ensure omitted entries are completed or correctedwhere appropriate.

  • Prepare initial patient chart for admission and compile paperwork for appropriate placement in chart.

  • Prepare lab requisitions for prescribed or stat Lab specimens according to laboratorydestination.

  • Collect, label, appropriately prepare and store lab samples according required laboratory specifications.

  • Ensure collection of lab specimens by appropriate lab courier.