NJ Employer Warehouse Associate in Egg Harbor TWP, New Jersey

POSITION SUMMARY: Perform a variety of different tasks within the warehouse environment.REPRESENTATIVE RESPONSIBILITIES:The following responsibilities are general duties that a particular employee in this position may or may not be required to perform. The actual duties required of this position will vary.* Picks up the required cases of product and loads them onto pallets.* Delivers completed order(s) to the appropriate loading area.* Reviews orders specifications to load to ensure case count is accurate.* Loads and unloads trucks & trailers.* Moves product, shells and pallets throughout the warehouse.* General warehousing includes, but are not limited to, pallets, shells, dock loading, dock unloading, general warehousing, production forklift, truck stripping, replenishing, general utility responsibilities, picking product, recycling, repack and general cleaning.* Maintain and handle large moving piece of equipment in an efficient and safe manner. Company certification of qualification to operate must be achieved/received.* Cleans loading area by disposing of trash in designated receptacle(s).* Performs other job-related duties as assigned.Required:* Equivalent of high school diploma or G.E.D certification and 2+ years experience in a warehouse environment or equivalent job duties.* Experience utilizing a powered pallet jack required.Preferred:* Experience utilizing various warehouse equipment, including, but not limited to, forklift, shrink wrap machinery.KNOWLEDGE AND COMPETENCIES:The following key competencies represent qualities, traits and behaviors that a successful employee will exhibit. This list is not exhaustive, as other qualities, traits and behaviors are also desired.* Communication - Effectively and coherently conveys relevant information to managers/supervisors and coworkers. Listens to and understands others.* Customer Service - Meets and exceeds expectations of managers/supervisors and coworkers. Acts in a professional, courteous, and cooperative manner.* Ethics - Seeks guidance before problems occur and promptly reports concerns or potential violations in accordance with reporting procedures.* Information Gathering - Refers to a variety of sources such as Company policy manuals, employee handbook and external resources. Compiles and organizes all the facts required to respond to request(s).* Interpersonal Skill - Develops openness and trust with others. Expresses opposing views in a tactful manner. Makes others feel comfortable.* Multitasking - Shifts back and forth as needed between two or more activities or sources of information. Can handle more than one assignment or responsibility during a given time period.* Safety Orientation - Follows and promotes safety rules and procedures. Requires customers, coworkers and everyone in his/her location to follow safety precautions at all times.* Strong ethics and the ability to keep information confidential.REPRESENTATIVE MACHINES, TOOLS, EQUIPMENT AND/OR SOFTWARE USED:The following machines, tools, equipment and/or software are commonly, but not always, associated with the performance of this position. Actual machines, tools, equipment and/or software used will vary.* Various warehouse equipment.* Forklift, pallet jack, shrink wrap machinery.ENVIRONMENTAL/ATMOSPHERIC WORKING CONDITIONS:The following environmental/atmospheric working conditions are commonly, but not always, associated with the performance of this position. The actual working conditions will vary.* Warehouse environment.* Interior and Exterior working conditions.PHYSICAL DEMANDS:Lift/Carry* 12lbs or less - Occasionally* 13-25lbs -Frequently* 26-40lbs -Frequently* 41-50lbs -ContinualPush/Pull* 12lbs or less -Occasionally* 13-25lbs -Occasionally* 26-40lbs -Occasionally* 41-50lbs -OccasionallyOther* Bend -Continual* Squat/Kneel -Continual* Twist/Turn -Continual* Climb -Occasionally* Crawl -Occasionally* Reach above Shoulder -Occasionally